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Our team of experts will make your next project run smoothly and hassle-free

About Williston Asset Management

WILLISTON ASSET MANAGEMENT is a group of appraisers, auctioneers, engineers and logistics experts. We specialize in on-site/online auctions, professional evidence-based appraisals, liquidations, repossession and multiple tiers of asset management. Williston’s diverse portfolio of experience includes virtually every industry including metalworking, fabrication, printing, paper, power, plastics, rubber, wood working, aerospace, jewelry, food processing, textile, construction and more.


What sets Williston apart from our competitors is a combination of our extensive knowledge of machine values and our connections within the industrial world. Over the years, Williston’s team of dedicated data collectors have tracked and cataloged thousands of industrial auctions and sales. These data points, paired with market and demand trends, allow us to provide evidence based and accurate machine valuations.


On the auction/sales side, Williston’s team has 100+ years of experience selling/auctioneering industrial machinery. Williston’s remarketing and sales team will merchandise, catalog, market and sell your assets in a calculated approach based on your specific asset(s) or industry. Our data base of 50,000+ proven buyers combined with a wide-range of marketing mediums (print brochures, print/online ads, trade publications, e-blasts, social media and more) enable us to target the right buyers for your sale. 


Williston prides ourselves on our ability to handle all aspects of the job while maintaining clear and consistent communication with our customers. 


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