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Skilled repossession and inspections – from one piece of equipment to a full plant.

Experienced Repossession

WILLISTON works with many different lenders to negotiate with the end user, secure and/or remove assets under varying circumstances. Our team has done jobs across the globe ranging from one piece of equipment to multiple plants. We follow all rules and regulations before, during and after the repossession process to ensure the proper completion of the job.


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Our Repossession Process



Client requests repossession and sets requirements for the job



Williston locates and correctly identifies asset(s)



Coordinates disconnection /dismantle and prepares shipping



Asset is moved to the customers desired location and/or a Williston storage facility

Inspection Reports

A detailed report confirming the location and condition of an asset. The report contains details of maintenance, service history, photos, specifications, options, use case, and product examples. Inspection of electric, hydraulic, water & air components, along with any additional requests from the customer, will be completed in a timely fashion.


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