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End-to-end asset management for the manufacturing industry

WILLISTON Asset Management – your partner to Maximize value

WILLISTON Asset Management is a coordinated approach to sell, remove, relocate, repossess or manage assets quickly and with maximum value. Our process is flexible – utilizing only the appropriate combination of services for your specific needs. From inspection, remarketing, import/export, rigging, logistics, to water/power/air removal, storage and more – our goal is to minimize your effort and maximize your return.

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WILLISTON Asset Management include:

Sale and Liquidation

At Williston we actively reach out to prospective buyers in our network of industry connections to find the best match for your asset.


Our licensed auctioneers and industry experts handle all aspects of an auction, making the  process easy for clients while maximizing value.

Repossession & Relocation

We work with lenders worldwide to negotiate with the end user to secure and/or remove assets – plus we provide reports confirming location and condition.

Why work with Williston Asset Management?

  • At Williston we utilize our unique capabilities to offer customers a complete solution towards managing their assets worldwide.

  • We have the experience and capabilities to handle all aspects of the asset management process.

  • Our approach towards managing assets keeps the client in complete control while we handle all the work preparation and marketing

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