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Auction expertise that makes the process easy – and that gets you maximum value

Current WILLISTON Sales & Auctions

(15+) Injection Molding Machines, Metalworking Machinery, Mills, Lathes, Silos, Pallet Wrappers, Compressors, Grinders, Blenders, Chillers, Welders and Plant Support Equipment.

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Complete plastics facility newly installed in 2021! Fully vertically integrated, installed and ready for immediate production. Injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding & warehousing. Over 200,000 sqft!​​​

Why host your auction with WILLISTON?

  • Assets broadcast to tens of thousands of verified industrial auction customers

  • WILLISTON handles all aspects of the auction from start to finish – we do it all!

  • Proven internal/external marketing approach to maximize reach

  • Seller can establish reserves on any/all items

  • WILLISTON handles all rigging/logistics of assets

  • We’re flexible: Online, webcast, live, non-disclosure (no company name) and more

Current WILLISTON Private Treaty Sales

Auctions for every need – online, onsite, live, webcast and more 

WILLISTON'S auction team consists of licensed auctioneers, industry and remarketing experts, auction prep, logistics experts, rigging and more. Our extensive experience hosting industrial auctions makes the entire process easy for you, while yielding the most return for your assets.


Commission Option:

We would not charge the client (as Seller) any commissions but instead charge a buyers’ premium which is paid by the buyers at the time of sale. We would develop a mutually agreeable expense budget which would cover the costs of marketing, labor, and travel expenditures. All of the expenses would be paid upfront by our Team and then reimbursed to us from proceeds in the sale. The balance of the proceeds would remain with the client.


We would provide a minimum dollar value threshold or financial guarantee to the seller. Under this option, we would have to reach that threshold number before we recoup any expenses or commissions. Once that threshold was met, we would be paid in full for our expenses on the deal and then split any overage between the Client and Our Team based upon mutually agreeable percentages.

Outright Purchase:

We would agree upon a financial value for everything in the facility, which includes the real estate. The seller would then be paid that full amount of that value.

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