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BULK OFFERING: (5) Resealable Bag/Extrusion Lines
R&B Plastics Machinery
2017 - Never Put Into Production!
(25) Extruders & Downstream Equipment


Extruder Info: 

  • Set up for LDPE, capable of running HDPE and PP

  • 2” extruder produces a monolayer tape and the 1 ¼” extruder are used to put the profiles on the tape (zip and lip). With a die head change you could run a multilayer application.

  • Profile dies included



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By Appointment Only



Quantity of 20 R&B MAX 1-1/4” 30:1 Extruders with standard mounting plates and wired for plug in connection to panel.

1 ¼” 30:1 Extruder Barrel with X102 or equivalent liner and interchangeable
with current D.S. extruders.
1 ¼” 30:1 L/D Standard output screws, designed to be interchangeable with
existing D.S. screws
Rupture disc and pressure transducer. Will be located in hose adapter.
New carrier and 45 degree feed throat housing designed for up/down tilt
and axial side to side movement. Post provided separately with mounting
structure. New Rossi extruder drive gearbox complete with high temperature (Viton)
seals and motor adapter for direct drive. New 5-hp Marathon AC drive motor and coupling. Motor (no encoder) will be complete with mounting assembly.
Air cooled extruder barrel assembly with four heat/cool zones (heaters,
blowers, dual thermocouples, and barrel guarding) Long electrical leads with plug ends. 
Quantity of 5 R&B MAX Special 2” x 24:1 L/D Non-Vented, Air-Cooled Extruder 

Extruder Base for Multiple Extruders and Control Cabinet, Complete as Follows:
Extruder Base - 

Specialty base for 2” extruder, (4)1 ¼” extruders, coolant header, main control. 
cabinet and operator control station.
Centerline height – Center height to be verified before time of order.
Stress relieved steel.
Belt Drive Application (includes belts, sheaves, adjustment)

Gear Reducer rated for high performance, low noise and excellent efficiency -
Rossi helical gear reducer w/internal forced lubrication
Cast Iron box casing made to grade 25 standards
Ground helical gears produced from 18NiCrMo5 steel and made to AGMA 10
Standards. SKF axial load thrust bearing 294(E-Series). Fixed ratio with direct drive timed for 100 RPM MAX screw speed. Max screw speed to be verified before time of order. 
1.50 or greater safety factor R&B Standard Drive Quill

Motor - 

25-30 HP, 1750 RPM, Marathon Blue Max T.E.F.C Motor (no encoder) complete
Motor mount assembly for direct drive application. 


Feed Section, Rectangular opening, Internal water cooled jacket, E-Stop button,
Outlet and thermometer. 

Barrel, Non-Vented, Barrel Temperature Control

Quantity of 5 Extruder Mounting Assembly including pivot base assemblies extruder (Designed for 4-ea 1-1/4” Extruders over 1-ea 2 inch Main Extruder)

Quantity of 20 R&B 1 ¼” Extruder Adapter assemblies

Quantity of 20 R&B 1 ¼” Extruder Heater Hose assemblies-

R&B 1 ¼” Extruder Heater Hose assemblies, Complete as Follows:
12 foot max length Heater Hose
Hose Fittings, T-Blocks

Quantity of 25 Foremost Model B-6-2 Self Contained Vacuum Loaders

Quantity of 5 R&B MAX PLC Based Electrical Controls -

Air conditioned cooled main electrical control cabinet with galvanized steel back
plate, main electrical disconnect, interlocked door handles, and all necessary
component cut-outs. Includes new appropriately sized transformers as
necessary as well as all wiring, racks, fuses, mounting clips, and miscellaneous
electrical hardware.
Design panel for 380v, 3 phase, 50hz and R&B Standards. All certifications
required will be quoted separately.
EWON System for internet access
PLC based electrical controls including Allen-Bradley
CompactLogixPLC/Processor, communications module, power supply, analog
in and analog out, input and output modules, etc.
PLC based heating and cooling controls for 4-each 1.25” extruder, and 1-each
2.0 extruder. PLC based heating (only) controls for all extruder feed tubes/melt
pipes and die head. Includes all necessary solid state relays and appropriate
fusing Water Bath: Provide power and starter for blower and recirculation system.
Design for plug in from main control cabinet

Winder: Provide power only from main control cabinet. Design for plug in from
main control cabinet
Jointer table: Provide VFD drives (listed below), power, pneumatic valve control.
Provide two electrical boxes and wiring listed with the line item for the table.
Control from OCS. Design for plug in from main control cabinet
Allen-Bradley AC variable frequency drives for extruders to include 4-each Allen-
Bradley 5-hp VFD and1-each Allen-Bradley 25-30 hp VFD. Note: 
Allen-Bradley AC variable frequency drives for binder/slitter to include 2-each
Allen-Bradley 1-hp VFD. 
AB Operator Control Screen (15.0”) positioned opposite of main control cabinet
side complete with pedestal and electrical box. R&B electrical engineering will
develop all necessary screens for line operation of customer provided
downstream machinery.
Fixed wiring (wire tray) as necessary to wire/plug from Supervisory
electrical controls main electrical cabinet and operator control station to 4-each
1.25” extruders and 1-each 2.0” extruder.
Quantity of 5 Special Water Bath with drying boxes and base assemblies

Quantity of 5 Jointer Tables

Quantity of 5 Winder and Take up assemblies - 

Purchase complete from Vulcan all Options (Cut Length Prg., Electrical
change to 380v 50hz, (2) Extra CRS product guides, Dual door)
o R&B to provide Power only, plug in at the winder

Quantity of 5 S.C.J. Die head extension and adapters


Michigan, USA


Auction Opens Monday, August 9th @ 12PM EST

Auction Ends Wednesday, August 18th @ 12PM EST


Bag Sealer
Film winders
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